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Jay-Z’s & Beyonce’s Wedding

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Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services was honored to provide much of the staff for the event and early Friday morning, workers erected a white tent atop of Jay-Z’s penthouse apartment. Not long after, an SUV carrying what seemed to be AV equipment arrived, followed by deliveries of party rentals and flowers.According to another source, Amy’s Orchids was hired to provide 50,000 to 60,000 white orchid blooms from Thailand for a “big party.” At the apartment, waiters were seen practicing their service.

Bodyguard Services For Snoop Dogg And Xzibit

Our Bodyguards hard at work securing the best in the game.

TMZ – Staffing Service Caters To Stars’ Whims

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Ever wonder where the rich and famous hire their staff? When you achieve A-list status — like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kelly Ripa, or Donald Trump — you turn to professionals like Mary Anne Sales, director of Celebrities Staffing Services, a top-of-the-line company providing everything from nannies to traveling chefs.

As Reviewed By ABC Nightline – Sign of the Times

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It’s often said that behind the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous are many humble, hardworking people. I’m talking, of course, of the maids, the butlers, the drivers, the cleaners; those staff members who ensure that the stars themselves never have to do any domestic chores. It can be a tough life, but it can also pay quite well, sometimes to the tune of $150,000 a year, if you know the tricks of the trade…

New York Post – Presents For The Posh

New York Post Review
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One year with Jeeves $150,000″People give butlers as gifts all the time,” says Mary Anne Sales , the Director of Reservations.The distinguished help valets the cars “for the gentlemen of the house,” irons clothes and selects wine pairings. “The gift of a butler is the epitome of luxury,” adds Sales. “Your every wish is his command. They are two steps ahead of their employers – and discreet!”

Forbes.com – Hollywood’s Dirtiest Little Secret: Nannies

Jennifer Lopez and her Twins
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Virtually every tabloid dedicates a section to celebrity baby sightings. There’s Jennifer Lopez with her twins on the beach, shooting a Malibu beach spread for Gucci . There’s Angelina Jolie with her beautiful rainbow coalition-like brood, bopping around the globe with grace. And that chic Suri Cruise! I bet Anna Wintour calls her for style tips.The media fetishizes celebrity motherhood to the extent that it’s practically become pornography. Who could blame women for being awestruck at these celebrity moms who, somehow, manage to keep their children clean, well-behaved and fashionable, while they also maintain glamorous careers, travel the world, always look fabulous and well-toned, and, oh yeah, still keep a hot, successful husband (Brad Pitt! Tom Cruise!) happy?

Town & Country’s Well Run Home

well-staffed-homeRead MoreWord of mouth may be invaluable when you’re starting to search for a maid, nanny or other household worker. But there are also a number of agencies that discerning families turn to when it’s hiring time… Celebrities & Executives Domestic Services… has been placing nannies, household managers, chefs and other workers in full-time positions across the U.S.

Staffing A Mansion – The Wall Street Journal Online

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When the rich buy mansions or yachts, they usually just consider the purchase price. But what about the operating costs? Staffing, maintenance, and repairs can be financial sinkholes, and it’s all too easy not to discover them until you’ve been swallowed up.For yachts, the operating costs are about 10% of the purchase price. So a $24 million, 150-foot yacht will cost you about $2.5 million a year to run.

Entrepreneur Magazine – A Slice Of The Upper Crust

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In September 2006, Entrepreneur Magazine did a feature article about companies providing high-end and luxury services to clients. Only the leading companies in their industries were listed and for elite staffing services, we were the company of choice.

Hollywood’s Latest Craze – Male Nannies

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Meet Perry Taylor (sometimes affectionately referred to as “Perry Poppins”), a Naval Academy graduate, trained in surface warfare, who now functions as “manny” to Britney Spear’s child, Sean Preston…The Manny Phenomenon In Season 9, Episode 6 of the popular sitcom, Friends, Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny. Back when this aired in 2006, this was a pretty novel idea, but thanks to high profile employers like Britney Spears, the “manny” is a bold idea whose time has finally come.

Star Magazine Writes…

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“Between pilates and parading on the red carpet, most Hollywood mommies don’t have the time to tend to their little ones all alone.

That’s were nannies, the other mothers, come in…”

The Filthy Rich Guide To Billion Dollar Listings – Air Date: 1/1/2016

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Mukesh Ambani, a business tycoon and the wealthiest man in India with an estimated net worth of $22.3 billion, resides in the world’s most expensive home with his wife and three children. This 400,000-square foot home is 27 stories high and employs over 600 domestic staff. According to Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services, it would cost in excess of $100 – $300 million per year to maintain this sort of staff.

Quest Magazine, Essentials Issue Had This To Say…

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“Celebrities Staffing Services employs only the best candidates available for domestic staff, such as nannies, butlers, baby nurses, housekeepers, governesses, valets…”

Avenue Magazine, Writes…

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Celebrities Staffing is the premier agency for nannies, baby nurses, housekeepers, butlers, chefs..

Celebrity Living Magazine, Writes…

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Hollywood parents hire helpers for up to $200,000 a year to care for their princes and princesses!…

Gala Magazine, Issue Writes…

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Gala, a German magazine, in its article about The Nanny Diaries mentions Celebrities Staffing Services…

North Shore Home Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004 Issue Had This To Say…

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“Nowadays, filling a position calls for breaking away from the traditional roles that have been attached to many domestic positions,” says Beth Torre of Celebrities & Executives Domestic Services,

Gerry Frank’s Award-Winning Book Says…

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“Celebrities Staffing Services is a handy firm to know about! If you are in the market for baby nurses, nannies, housekeepers, chefs, butlers, executive assistants…

The Domestic Staffing Times Holiday Issue Writes…

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“The elite have been turning to agencies such as Celebrities Staffing Services for all of their domestic staffing needs. This agency is known as the agency for “Service with a Touch of Class,” and the household staffing industry….

Celeb Staff, Issue Writes…

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“This agency, which has been in existence for over a decade (over 25 years) places nannies, mannies, housekeepers, butlers, chefs, personal assistants, house managers, chefs, and other household professionals in the homes of royalty…”

Celeb Staff, Issue Says…

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“For over 10 years this agency has been placing top-notch nannies, mannies, housekeepers, butlers, chefs, personal assistants, house managers and other household staff to work in the estates and homes of royalty, celebrities…”

Keyshia Cole Hires A Nanny Through Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services

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Hiring a nanny can be a tedious undertaking, as celebrity Keyshia Cole recently discovered. When it comes to your children, you want to be absolutely certain that only the best candidate is given the position. Fortunately, the professionals at Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services were able to help Mrs. Cole. Watch the entire process as recorded by BET.

Kendra Looks for Staff Through Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services

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With a busy lifestyle, Kendra Leigh Baskett looks for staffing help from Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services featured on E channel’s Reality series Kendra.

25 Years Servicing the Rich And Famous

Wealthy couple with servants
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On June 26, 2014, Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services (CCSS) will celebrate 25 years of service to the Rich and Famous with the launch of its “How To” book series. With the increased demand for highly trained and skilled estate staff for celebrities, royalty, business execs, athletes, top professionals and the very wealthy, CC&SS has compiled 25 years of expertise into a 10-book series focused on what it takes to become a highly sought after celebrity staff member in this lucrative and highly competitive industry. The series are jam packed with a wealth of information that will teach its readers about the celebrity lifestyle, the culture and how to provide top notch services to the rich and famous. The series will give firsthand inside knowledge and reveal the secrets of the trade.

No Oscars Would Mean No Pay Day for Thousands

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No Oscars, No Work for Celeb Assistants Celebrity Staffing, a company that matches bodyguards, nannies, personal assistants and chefs to celebrity clients, said that while awards show season definitely boosts its sales, the company will still survive without them. “In years past there has absolutely been a surge in business,” said Mary Anne Sales, Director of Reservations. “Since [the strike], 12 to 15 reservations — meaning someone has asked for a personal assistant, chef or bodyguard — have been canceled.” Sales added that the Oscars usually require “more hands on deck,” and that her company in the past has seen an increased demand for personal assistants. “The strike is taking a toll on all of us,” said Sales.

Supernanny Sequel – Will it be “Barry” Poppins?

super nanny review
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“Jo Frost has over 15 years of nanny experience and has the most amazing sense about children. She’s an amazing natural talent without a huge amount of training. Now we’re looking for more formal training” says Gilhool. To find that person, staff at Ricochet is calling child development departments at universities, nanny institutes, au pair organizations, and top agencies like Celebrities Staffing Services – getting the word out about auditions and asking for leads on the most outstanding people in the field.

The Alphabet Rocks

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“Children learn the alphabet through repetition, memorization and practice. Introducing letters and sounds early on assists a child with speech and visual recognition. This book is an educational tool to teach the American English alphabet. The sing-song reading, rhymes and bright engaging illustrations garnered attention from our testers, and children often asked to have the book read ‘again.’ An ideal activity to ‘shake your sillies out,’ the whole family can turn the story into a fun family-time activity. Or for one on one parent interaction, this is an ideal bedtime story. Follow it with ‘The ABC Song’! There is also a special coloring area for a child to individualize the book.”

Family Corner

Family on vacation
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The Alphabet Rocks is a book for young children aimed at teaching them their alphabet in a fun, rock and rolling manner that will make the learning process easy and enjoyable. Pauline Guy is the owner of Celebrities Staffing Services, a household staffing agency that specializes in the placement of professional nannies, governesses, housekeepers, etc. to work in the mansions and estates of royalty, celebrities, top executes and other families looking for the best. She is also the founder of nanny-online.com. She took her knowledge of children together with the feedback that she got from the nannies and the children under their care and this book was born. She has written several children’s books.

World News – Celebrity Nannies By The Numbers: Why It’s Good To Be Them

Rachael Zoe Takes A Stroll
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Sure Hollywood’s rugrat wranglers must play to every waking whim of a 3-year-old, but before you get too weepy for these celebrity nannies, consider this: they’re paid as much as $185,000 for their tight-lipped service. That’s right, the woman packing lunches for Angelina Jolie’s brat pack or burping Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy, is raking in more than your average hedge-fund analyst, according to Celebrity Staffing Services’ Director of Reservations Mary Anne Sales, whose agency has assisted the likes of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Lisa Marie Presley and Prince with their staffing needs.

Where To Hire Discreet, Well-Groomed Staff For A High Profile Home

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When celebrities need to hire staff they most likely aren’t going to your average staffing agencies. Instead, companies like Celebrities Staffing Services have come along to provide domestic and corporate staff placement in high profile estates, homes and offices throughout the U.S. and overseas. They provide everything from personal assistants to nannies and massage therapists. With offices on both coasts in New York and Los Angeles, Celebrities Staffing Services is able to cater to the needs of A-listers around the country. Since many of their clients expect privacy and discretion, the agency is very specific with their background checks and qualifications.

10 Best Jobs For People Who Love Celebrities

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Behind every successful celebrity is a hardworking personal assistant taking care of the details. Personal assistants handle all the things the rest of a celebrity’s staff doesn’t cover. From paying bills and running errands to shopping for gifts and returning phone calls and emails, the personal assistant makes sure no part of a star’s life falls through the cracks.Celebrity Staffing Services has provided celebrities with personal assistants for more than 15 years. The company also provides the rich and famous with a host of other household staff members, including housekeepers, waitstaff and estate mangers. Their clients have included Will and Jada Smith, Drew Barrymore and Kendra Wilkinson.

What Does It Take To Be A Celebrity Nanny?

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What attracts potential nannies to work for celebrity households? Is it the massive bonuses? Or the even larger salaries? From changing diapers, to warming baby bottles, to putting on band aids and pushing swings, the role of the nanny stays the same whether they are working for regular families or celebrity ones. Celebrity families are the same as average families, except with a greater concern for security and attention. Another slight difference might be the lack of never ending funds available for the needs of the child. Being a celebrity nanny may seem like a dazzling career choice but make no mistake, it is no walk in the park. Because of the heightened security and attention towards celebrities and their kids, celebrity nannies have to deal with more demands and stricter contracts than average nannies.

Hollywood’s Best-Kept Secret: Nannies

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Ah, celebrity babies. Who doesn’t love them? They’re so cute, so stylish and so plentiful… Who could blame regular women for beating themselves up for not living up to this ideal? After all, it looks so easy!What we don’t see are the armies behind the scenes who make this scenario even remotely possible. We don’t see the nannies — most celebrities not only have one, but one for each child. We don’t see the housekeepers, the stylists, the trainers, the cooks and the plethora of personal assistants. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if some female stars employ concubines to keep their hubbies smiling for the tabloids while they’re off filming for three months.

Very Important Personnel

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Wienerin, an Austrian women’s magazine writes in an article “Very Important Personnel” about Celebrities Staffing Services and its online institute, www.celebrity-institute.com, which provide the best personnel to work with the likes of celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Christina Ricci, P. Diddy, Janet Jackson and many others.

The Well-Run Mansion

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The traditional perception has been that household work is a menial job that no educated person would want to pursue. This is no longer true, for the most part; many college graduates are choosing careers in domestic service. For example, it is not unusual these days to have nannies with BA’s, Masters, or even PhD’s…“Nowadays filling a position calls for breaking away from the traditional roles that have been attached to many domestic positions,” comments Mary Anne Sales, Director of Reservations of Celebrities Staffing Services, a bi-coastal agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Hollywood’s Most Powerful Women

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Romp and play, banging on pots and pans, playing blind cow, and eating cake with ice cream. Children’s birthday parties are a great thing. But in the home of an aristocratic Upper East Side family, such a frolic would be unthinkable. Remember Grayer, sitting in front of a giant cream pie on his fifth birthday in his dapper suit – with only his Nanny Annie (Scarlett Johansson) present? The parents have better things to do than orchestrate a grand birthday party. The movie “The Nanny Diaries,” based on the bestselling novel of Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin, takes an ironic view of the responsibilities of a nanny: clean, do laundry, play with the children, organize trips, shopping, and even educating the little ones.

Episode of Soap Talk

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Celebrities Staffing Services was featured on Soap Talk, where we presented a wonderful bouquet of flowers and a $5,000 gift voucher, which included butler services for two days, to the winner of the complete makeover contest…

And Much More…

butlersCelebrities Concierge & Staffing Services has gained widespread recognition as the premier provider of domestic staff for celebrities, dignitaries, pro athletes, royalty and other affluent people. In their 25 plus years of existence, they have been positively reviewed hundreds of times by major news sources around the globe.