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On June 26, 2014, Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services (CCSS) will celebrate 25 years of servicing the Rich and Famous with the launch of its “How To” book series. With the increased demand for highly trained and skilled estate staff for celebrities, royalty, business execs, athletes, top professionals and the very wealthy, CCSS has compiled 25 years of expertise into a 10-book series focused on what it takes to become a highly sought after celebrity staff member in this lucrative and highly competitive industry. The series are jam packed with a wealth of information that will teach its readers about the celebrity lifestyle, the culture and how to provide top notch services to the rich and famous. The series will give firsthand inside knowledge and reveal the secrets of the trade.

“I decided to do the series because in this business, on the job is not the place to train. Being a housekeeper, personal assistant, nanny or manny for the wealthy is very different from holding these positions in the average home. These careers require you to know intricate details about celebrity life and luxury living from washing clothes by hand to the right temperature and lighting in which to store a Hermès Birkin bag. One mistake could cost the client a lot of money and you, your job. That is why I created the series,” says owner Pauline Guy.

In 1991, founder Pauline Guy started an informal staffing service while working in the famous Diamond District on West 47th Street in Manhattan, New York. After getting fired from her job in 1996, she decided to turn her staffing service into a legitimate business, thus creating Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services. Guy worked alone out of her one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, NY and secretly doubled as both the owner and staff for hire. Shortly thereafter she rented an office space located at 131 West 86th Street, which is the historical Jewish Center building.

In June 1999, unbeknownst to Guy at the time, a review was published in Town & Country praising her two companies, Zoe International Home Care – a company that specializes in geriatric care and the placement of RNs, LPNs, housekeepers, elder care aides and companions – and Celebrities and Executives Domestic Services (which is now Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services).

After the article was published the phone calls from the rich and famous began to pour in and over the years, the demand for her services was so great that it lead the opening of offices in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Greenwich, CT, Newport Beach, San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas. Today CCSS provides services all over the world to clients like Jay Z and Beyoncé, Vanessa Trump, Sean Combs Estate, Drew Barrymore, Will & Jada Smith Estate, The iconic artist known as Prince, Alexandra Wilson founder of GILT City, British, Russian and Arabian Royalty to name a few.

The agency continues to thrive as they stay on the pulse of change and evolution as it relates to the growing needs of their illustrious clientele. Over the years, owner Pauline Guy has become a foremost expert on servicing the Rich and Famous. With the surge in business, the demand for quality staffing greatly outweighed her roster of qualified individuals.

In an effort to maintain Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services impeccable reputation for providing excellent services, CCSS launched an online institute, Householdstafftraining.com for all those who desire to work in the mansions of the rich and famous. Although the school offers comprehensive training and a wealth of information, Pauline still felt that there was information the staff of the rich and famous needed to have available at their finger tips in order to keep their jobs. So, she decided to create a series of “How To” books to enhance their knowledge in areas most important to their careers.

Some of the series titles include:

• How to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant

• How to Become a Celebrity Nanny/Manny

• How to Become a Celebrity Baby Nurse

• How to Become a Celebrity Butler/Butlerette

• How to Become a Celebrity Estate Manager

• How to Become a Celebrity Housekeeper

• How to Become a Green Housekeeper

• The Art and Science of Laundering Clothing for Celebrities

• Etiquette and Protocol to Work in Celebrity Homes

• And much more…

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