Celebrities Staffing


For applying inquiries, please call us at:

Thank you for your interest in Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all applicants must follow and adhere to all of the CDC COVID-19 laws, rules, restrictions and guidelines in order to register with our agency. In addition, all candidates must be legal to work in the United States in order to be considered for any position. You must have a minimum of three or more years of work experience working in the same position that you are seeking.

Once we receive your resume, we will contact you to arrange a facetime or video interview to discuss your career options.

We reserve the right to check your past work references. Only those with excellent references will be placed on our roster.

We try, however, to be very fair in assessing each application. A bad reference from a past employer does not always mean your chances of being placed on our roster are ruined. We will discuss such matters should it arise with our clients, and take into consideration any exonerating and credible circumstances that you present to us, however keep in mind that the final decision will be made by our clients and not by the agency.

All resumes must be emailed with a cover letter in Word format to resumes-ny@celebstaff.com. Please be sure to attach a recent photo of yourself to your resume if possible. Thank You for choosing us, Be Safe and Best Wishes!