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Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services is the number one choice for actors and actresses, music stars, business elite, and other high-powered notables when they seek services for their household. We go beyond the typical nanny agencies. Our professional nannies for hire are held to the highest standards, because our clients expect the highest standards. No matter their personal worth, when they hire a nanny, that person is responsible for the most valuable part of their household.

To become a nanny to the stars or elite can open a door to a world of contacts and networking, and potentially even garner the friendship of those you work for. However, only the best will make the cut. If you want to be seriously considered, there are ten key areas where you should make the greatest effort to impress.

  1. Honesty: A nanny is being trusted with the care of the most valuable persons to the client, their precious children. Their honesty must be uncompromised.
  2. Loyalty: Be willing to sign an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement which will protect the client’s privacy and that of their family.
  3. Commitment: To be a nanny in such placements is not a mere job which can be taken lightly. It is a serious career prospect and should be treated as such.
  4. Communication skills: The clients’ time is valuable. Know how to speak concisely and clearly so you can be understood immediately. Never be long winded.
  5. Putting the children first: You should understand that caring for and protecting the children in all circumstances is your highest priority.
  6. Superb work ethic: Whatever task is assigned should be completed in consummate manner. Take pride in every detail of your work.
  7. Professional attire: You will be expected to be in attire suitable for your surroundings. Invest yourself in your appearance and your hygiene to give the best possible impression of yourself and your client.
  8. Positive attitude: The two phrases your client family should hear most often from you are “Yes sir/ma’am!” and “Can do!” Be unfailingly positive in the tasks you are assigned.
  9. Punctuality: If you cannot be trusted to show up on time, they won’t trust you with anything else. Punctuality must be strictly maintained.
  10. Accountability: You must be accountable for your actions and not make excuses or pass the blame to others.

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