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In the process of trying to find executive housekeepers to keep your household in peak condition throughout the year, there are multiple challenges to consider. You might not have experience in the marketplace, and this may mean that if you rush the decision, you could choose a housekeeper who offers little value for their service work. In this latest post, our experts weigh-in on the topic as we highlight what you should look for when looking for an executive housekeeper.


  • Situational Analysis

One of the most crucial elements in managing the needs of a home, and potentially looking after children is situational analysis. Does the housekeeper have a clear understanding on their role should an event such a fire, or any other emergency occur? Are they able to respond adeptly when they encounter a problem and do they have proven experience in this area? Speak to the housekeeper and ask them about scenarios they have faced and dealt with in the past.

  • Time Management Skills

Knowing how long it will take to complete certain tasks and then completing these tasks throughout the day is critical for housekeepers. They should know, for example, that if the family is arriving home around 5pm, they will have to ensure their cleaning work is completed by 4pm so that any last-minute issues can be resolved. Make sure that, when you look to find executive housekeepers, they have this expert level of time management.

  • Communication Skills

When selecting a executive housekeeper for your home, be certain that they have clear and effective communication skills. They must know how to communicate with you and follow through on completing your requirements seamlessly. For example, do they understand that they must be flexible to respond and deliver when you have short notice requests? Are they available for calls or emails throughout the day? Make sure that housekeepers can communicate effectively with both children and adults as this will help ensure all areas of the home run smoothly.

  • Reliability

Reliability and loyalty are two of the most essential elements when working with executive housekeepers. You have valuable possessions in clear view within the home and having a housekeeper you can trust to keep the home secure is of the utmost importance. Remember to check the references of all housekeepers carefully, and consider their years of experience in the industry. The housekeeper should also have a background check done on them before you hire them.

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