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Celebrity Personal Assistant

The “right hand” of the employer, the Celebrity Personal Assistant handles all confidential matters, depending on the job requirements. The position requires you to be responsible for the scheduling and structuring of the employer’s private, social and business calendars, arranging all public appearances (if any); securing travel arrangements; and maintaining daily itineraries. Duties may also include the supervision of the household staff’s day-to-day activities and liaising with contractors to arrange for any of the home’s needed maintenance.

A Celebrity Personal Assistant must mesh with the personality of the boss, no matter how difficult that person may be, and must be willing to do practically anything to meet schedules, deadlines and demands of the employer, even if it means doing things they would normally consider outside the normal scope of the job.

Celebrity Personal Assistants are there to bring stability and calmness to the employer’s life. If this means getting their hands dirty or stepping into the shoes of a nanny or housekeeper—or even a chauffeur—to fill in the gap, then it must be done. Celebrity Personal Assistants must therefore, by nature, be very flexible, hands-on, multi-taskers in order to make things happen. They must be able to handle hectic work schedules, have high endurance and be willing to work long and odd hours. Some of their work load includes handling correspondence and phone calls, as well as taking care of bills, insurance and other personal affairs. They manage different projects as needed and carry out all necessary research, following through on personal tasks. They run errands and are often required to shop for gifts and other personal items.

At the end of the day, Celebrity Personal Assistants must keep their employers fully abreast of all the day’s events.