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Hiring a personal assistant is unique to hiring for any other position. You need to know the person you hire is able to support you throughout your work. They should be dependable and provide you with a high level of performance to resolve complex challenges. The requirements of this demanding proposition lead to executive professionals from across the globe turning to Celebrities Concierge and Staffing Services, a Domestic Staffing agency, when they hire personal assistants.

The benefits our services include:

Experienced guidance

With over two decades spent serving clientele across the worldwide marketplace, we can be trusted to help you find that ideal professional. We’ve hired thousands of personal assistants for our clients, who range from CEOs to media moguls. At each phase of the hiring process, we can answer questions and ensure you find the right professional for your personal and business requirements.

Unparalleled research

We have background researchers working around the clock to review potential candidates and their work. Our research helps us pinpoint only the most suitable candidates for open personal assistant positions and means you don’t have to worry about inviting the professional into your life. We complete all the hard to allow you to focus on your personal interests.

Proven success

Our success in the marketplace showcases our continued ability to find the ideal professionals for our clientele. We’re recognized as one of the foremost recruitment specialists for the hire of personal assistants within the industry and the results of our work continue to speak for themselves.

Some of our service areas in the U.S. are Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego, Newport Beach, California, Las Vegas, NV. We also serve clients around the world.

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