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The Nanny’s role involves the total care and supervision of the children. This involves the preparation of well-balanced meals and feeding, bathing and dressing the child – depending on their ages. She keeps the children on a schedule for naps, meals and daily routine activities. She also arranges play dates and interesting activities and outings that keep them active and challenged to ensure their developmental growth. She mentors and develops a loving relationship with the children while simultaneously instilling proper discipline, which involves reinforcing good behavior and correcting unacceptable behavior as per the parents’ instructions. Other responsibilities include light housekeeping and ensuring that the children’s rooms and play areas are kept clean and tidy. They also take care of all their laundry, etc. The Nanny schedules and accompanies the children to their doctor’s and dentist appointments. They drive them to and from school, help them with their homework and school projects and escort them to their after school activities.

Not all Nannies are highly educated—some have high school diplomas but have worked extensively in the field and have gained a wealth of knowledge in childcare, others have graduated from nanny institutes, where they were trained specifically for this job. Some possess college degrees, which make them ideal candidates for families with children in school.