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Lady’s Maid

A Lady’s Maid is hired to serve as a lady-in-waiting to her female employer. This means she serves as a personal maid to the lady of the house. A client in need of a Lady’s Maid would be one who leads a very busy lifestyle with social and professional engagements that require extensive wardrobe and lifestyle assistance.

The Lady’s Maid is required to be very discreet because of the personal nature of some of her duties. She must also be sensitive to the needs and feelings of her employer. Her duties may vary depending on the requirements of her boss. She may serve as the primary head of a household staff when there is no house manager, in which case she will be the liaison between her employer and the staff.

The duties of a Lady’s Maid normally include the personal care of her employer. She oversees the maintenance of her employer’s wardrobe, draws her bath, lays out her clothes, serves her meals when required and keeps the lady’s quarters tidy. She may also be responsible for making the bed daily.

A Lady’s Maid may also attend to her employer’s appearance by giving her facials, arranging her hair and assist in dressing her. A highly accomplished Lady’s Maid can wash and set hair, give massages, manicures and pedicures as well.

A Lady’s Maid is required to care for her employer’s garments, too. This includes laundry, ironing, dry cleaning and repair when necessary. A Lady’s Maid will not only travel with her employer but may also act as her personal assistant in all arrangements before and during travel. She packs and unpacks her employer’s suitcases, steam-presses garments and maintains the accessories.