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Baby Nurse

Baby Nurses are newborn specialists who are experienced in all aspects of newborn care. They do not necessarily have to be registered nurses or have any type of nursing background; they do however have extensive hands-on experience and knowledge in infant care. The primary role of a Baby Nurse includes feeding, bathing and diaper changing; cleaning infant laundry; sterilizing feeding bottles; keeping the baby stimulated and ensuring that the baby’s environment is clean at all times. The Baby Nurse provides parental education and support for new parents and places the newborn on a sleeping and feeding schedule.

Baby Nurses are specialized to work with one or more babies at a time. Parents expecting more than a single birth should request either a twin, triplet or quadruplet specialist.

Baby Nurses are usually reserved for a minimum of 14 days but could work with a family for as long as needed. Some clients have asked our Baby Nurses to stay for as long as two years, and in some cases, they have even been asked to stay indefinitely. Baby Nurses are available either to live in 24 hours with the family or to live out and work on an hourly basis. The arrangement is based on the parents’ needs and requirements. Once the Baby Nurse’s assignment is over with the family, the job of the Nanny begins.