Nannies Versus Mannies


Let credentials, not gender, be your guide.

Nannies Versus Mannies – It’s not easy to overcome stereotypes, such as the one that says that only women should be nannies. But thanks to changes in time, the male nanny, or “manny,” is finally gaining acceptance.

In the 20th century, women gained equality, attaining rights, privileges, and roles that previously were given only to men. Now, it’s the traditional “male” role in society that is broadening: The idea of a male nanny is becoming mainstream.

More males are beginning to find a niche in private child care. There are often reasons for selecting a male over a female, such as the child’s gender, age, mental status, and athletic interests or abilities. And in many cases, mannies are proving to be just as nurturing, responsible, and worthy as female nannies.

To a single mother, the idea of bringing a male nanny into her home might seem comforting: She might appreciate the presence of a protective and masculine influence. To a family with older teens, an active, athletic, and healthy male nanny might seem like a better fit than a reserved female nanny. Single fathers might feel more comfortable hiring a male counterpart—especially if the position is “live-in.”

Hiring a nanny should be based upon finding the most qualified individual to trust with your children and accept as part of your families. I have found that education, driving record, clean criminal history, years of experience, lifestyle habits, and personality play greater roles in a nanny’s long-term success than whether the nanny is male or female.

Ultimately, hiring a manny should be a family decision. After selecting the most qualified and personable candidate, it’s best to start with a trial period to ensure a proper fit personally and professionally. By not allowing stereotypes or preconceived ideas to cloud your thinking, you might just find an invaluable long-term addition to your family.

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