House Managers

Our House Managers are fully responsible for the proficient running of an employer’s busy, active household with or without a support staff. A household that includes a staff will involve the hiring, training, or firing, as well as managing them and creating their work schedules. House Managers are masters of multi-tasking in an organized, intelligent fashion. Often times they must wear many different hats on any given day depending on the employer’s schedule and needs. He or she has the primary focus of serving the employer in matters inside the home. Managing the grounds of the estate is not the responsibility of the House Manager. They have sharpened skills in training and management of service personnel, along with professional experience in human resources.

Some House Manager’s duties include but are not limited to:

  • Protecting the privacy of employer and family, representing them with pristine excellence
  • Managing calendar schedules for the family with care in keeping everyone on time
  • Hiring, training, and supervising additional support staff in the home
  • Scheduling appointments, and arranging meetings and other engagements
  • Organization of storage spaces like pantry, closets, shelves, cupboards
  • Being technically savvy with smart-home systems
  • Creating an inventory list of food and household items and re-stocking when needed
  • Knowledge of technical gadgets, devices including smart-home systems
  • Running errands as needed such as chauffeuring children, grocery shopping, and dry cleaning.
  • Researching, scheduling, and supervising contractors and other vendors and approve/negotiate invoices
  • Caring for family pets such as feeding, walking, veterinary care, and grooming
  • Standard or light housekeeping service
  • Maintaining the household budget
  • Maintaining accounting for household checking, credit/debit cards, and petty cash
  • Making travel arrangements and assisting with guest accommodations
  • Maintaining records for projects, vendors, purchases, vehicles, and repairs
  • Creating an inventory of all crystal, silver, fine art, and other items as requested
  • Coordinating maintenance and licensing of all vehicles
  • Knowledge of floral arrangement, proper everyday table setting, and formal service
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving of staff, contractors, or vendors
  • Proper care and cleaning of fine art, antiques, fine china, silver
  • Providing light to regular laundry and ironing service, wardrobe and closet organizing, and proper care of fine linens