Ready to Hire Professional Nannies? Here are 5 Summer Activities Nannies and Children Can Enjoy

It’s the summer season and with your children home from school, we recommend that you hire a professional nanny  to ensure they are safe and protected as well as entertained during the day. While you work at the office, your children’s nanny will be taking care of their needs inside and outside the home. And within this latest post, our trusted team will look at 5 activities nannies and children can enjoy together after the hire of professional nannies.

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What Should You Look for When Trying to Find Executive Housekeepers?

In the process of trying to find executive housekeepers to keep your household in peak condition throughout the year, there are multiple challenges to consider. You might not have experience in the marketplace, and this may mean that if you rush the decision, you could choose a housekeeper who offers little value for their service work. In this latest post, our experts weigh-in on the topic as we highlight what you should look for when looking for an executive housekeeper.

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What you Need to Know About Hiring a Professional Nanny

For years, nannies have stepped into a supporting role within families, providing individual care and attention to the children when the parents are attending to other obligations.  As a part of the household, nannies play an important role in childcare as they take over the responsibility of nurturing, grooming and educating the child or children in your absence. Continue reading

Ten Things a Family Wants from a Professional Nanny

Hire a nanny | Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services

Celebrities Concierge & Staffing Services is the number one choice for actors and actresses, music stars, business elite, and other high-powered notables when they seek services for their household. We go beyond the typical nanny agencies. Our professional nannies for hire are held to the highest standards, because our clients expect the highest standards. No matter their personal worth, when they hire a nanny, that person is responsible for the most valuable part of their household. Continue reading